Career Advice to Consider

When it comes to your career and reaching your goals, there is so much to think about. The following are some things that people tend to forget about when looking for a job or wanting to advance in their careers. Consider trying some of these methods to get your foot in the door.

1. Apply for a Job that Interests You

Apply for a job that interests you even if you don’t think that you are completely qualified – especially in the case where the job posting is asking for 3 years of experience and you only have 2. Let the hiring manager decide what criteria are essential and you may end up being one of the better candidates.

2. Consider the Career Prospects

Following your dreams is usually a good thing, but what if you are interested in something that has dwindling career prospects? When looking into any career, consider doing something that will pay the bills or is in a similar industry and will let you do some of the duties of the profession you aspired for.

Plus, you can always work on the things that you are passionate about on the side part-time. You may even receive a job offer from all of the hard work that you do during your free time.

3. Learn a Second Language

Learning a second language makes yourself more employable. In today’s global market, everyone is looking to expand. Some countries have more than one official language so being bi-lingual is extremely beneficial for you. Speaking a second language can make you look smarter, respectful of other cultures, and a valuable asset overseas.

4. Apply Anyway!

Apply to the organizations you are interested in even if they are not advertising a position you want. Send in a letter showing your interest in a specific position, how you fit the qualifications, and your resume and references. They may end up needing someone for that position in the future and see your initiative as something to explore further.

5. Add New Responsibilities

If your job is no longer motivating, then you should try adding new responsibilities to your existing position or assisting other departments. If there is no room for you to grow with your organization, then you should consider changing jobs. If you are not able to find a suitable job to switch to, it might be time to change industries and get more training or go back to school.

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