Changing My Direction


Starting at a new school is never easy, but the feeling of accomplishment when you’re done was worth the personal changes I had to make in order to be successful. When I first started attending Sprott Shaw College I was nervous about making the switch to a new school. I was concerned about; making new friends, whether my instructors were nice, if going to school was even a good idea right now, and whether I could change myself in order to be successful at my new school.

Before going to Sprott Shaw I was never a morning person when it came to school, I hated going to class (barely did) and nothing seemed to motivate me. When I went to class I didn’t care to make friends and I spent all my time on my phone or on my laptop looking at social media. My grades were okay, I never failed anything and averaged a B every semester, but I hated every moment that I had to be in class. After a terrible semester, I knew I had to change my direction in order to enjoy going to school again and do well. That’s when I ended up at Sprott Shaw College.

Now I am a completely different person and student. After my second week of classes at Sprott Shaw, I started to appreciate going to school again. After my first month the classroom didn’t feel like a class anymore it felt like I was with my friends just hanging out but learning at the same time, I was motivated again!  All of my reservations had gone away; I was happy with my instructor, the other students and the staff at Sprott Shaw.  I was in class every day and my grades changed significantly, I now average a high A and am retaining everything I have learned. I started feeling more confident about my new skills and started interacting more around campus and making new friends. Making these changes in me and switching schools has altered my opinion about school and formed the highly motivated person I am today.  I now cannot wait to finish school and start my new career thanks to Sprott Shaw College!

By Nakiska Prasad
Marketing and Sales Digital Program Student
New Westminster Campus

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