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A Message from our President

It is in times of challenge when human character is questioned most.  The COVID-19 Coronavirus is one of those times.

As the world responds to a situation changing by the minute, and as we progress through the pandemic confirmed last week by the World Health Organization, we are provided with the opportunity to see the humanity in life and strive for what is right.  All of us will be faced with a Fight or Flight decision.  We cannot control what others do, but we can control what we do.

In this time of uncertainty, where the unknown is causing fear and anxiety, let’s pause, breathe and look at the greater good.  This is not a time to give in to fear and to sacrifice the good of others for ourselves.  It is not a time to hoard, hate or place blame.  It is a time to show consideration; to act caringly; and to work together to move through and overcome the challenges we face.  It is a time for our communities, country and world to unite – this disease knows no boundaries and we must work together to contain, control and ultimately defeat it.

We all have an important role to play as we move forward.  We need to remain calm, remain educated and stay informed.  We need to think and consider the needs of others as we move through our daily lives which includes what we purchase and what we post.  We also need to keep living.  For many Canadians, that means accepting social distancing but still taking advantage of life through walks, human connection and appropriate communication using social networks.

We will experience a range of emotions as we transgress through the days and weeks ahead – and that is normal and to be expected.  But let’s work together to try and make the best decisions that reflect the true human character and the best traits of humanity. This challenge will pass and let us know that we played our role in supporting the containment of the virus and in making decisions that demonstrated living our lives in selfless ways where we cared for the needs of others the same as ourselves.


Victor Tesan

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