Is a Community Support Career Right For You?

Education as a community support worker offers many opportunities for professional advancement. Social work is a dynamic field and there are numerous entry-level positions available to college students of all majors. If you’d like to learn more about serving your community, then explore the following to learn what a community support career can offer:


Many community support positions, like clinical health assistants, require a minimum level of basic or specialized training. Whether you’ve just graduated from a college or you’re pursuing a long-term career as a social worker, these positions provide hands-on training. You have the benefit of exercising your knowledge inside a working environment, building a stable income and employment history.

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Social work covers a wide variety of fields, from childcare to public healthcare. No matter your field of study during your time at college – whether you are taking business courses or studying for a practical nursing certification – chances are there is a position as a community support worker tailored to fit your needs. The community support industry is huge, requiring a variety of workers in many fields to adequately meet the needs of every Canadian citizen.


Opportunities for advancement during your time as a community support worker are abundant. If you’re interested in supervisory or upper-management work, then social workers often advance to such positions. Like many careers, education in social work continues long after you leave the classroom, which is why it’s important to build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience during your time at community college.

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