Defining Career Goals and Matching Them with Educational Opportunities

The future is closer than you think. When you consider how quickly time passes, it’s important to start defining your career goals and enrolling in college. Once you define your career goals, you can begin to match them with available educational opportunities for advancement. This process is easier than it sounds if you follow these simple steps.

  • Begin by outlining the skill sets you already have. Some people work better with their hands while others are good with numbers, but knowing what you enjoy (and what you can do well) will help define your career goals. By identifying your skills, you can begin to search for the educational programs and services that allow you to sharpen those skills and apply them in the future.
  • After you identify the skills and experiences you already possess, research careers that allow you to apply them. For example, if you enjoy working with your hands, then you might be interested in studying to become a mechanic or even a healthcare assistant. If you enjoying talking to people and working in teams, then you might be interested in a business career.
  • The final step is the most important: Getting to work. It’s one thing to define your career goals, but working towards achieving those goals is something entirely different. Although achieving these goals takes commitment, dedication, and patience, it mostly takes a quality education.

At Sprott Shaw College, we offer the services, resources, and support you need to achieve your career and educational goals. From business courses to practical nursing programs, we have the resources for any career. With 16 campuses across British Columbia, you’re sure to find a Sprott Shaw College close to you. Contact us or call 310-HIRE to learn more.

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