Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) Are in Demand

Finding Daycares that accept new full-time children are few and far between. The necessity and desire of both parents to work is increasing, which means childcare is needed more than ever. Currently, it seems that the childcare system cannot keep up with the demand because of the shortage of Early Childhood Educators; this is mainly as a result of workers retiring, turnover, and the creation of new jobs.

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) have many different responsibilities; although their main focus is on assisting our youth in developing good learning and social habits. ECEs develop daily activities for children such as reading stories, teaching songs, demonstrating the use of musical instruments, and preparing craft activities. Also, they take the children to local points of interest as well as assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and toilet habits. They attend meetings and workshops to develop and discuss new teaching methods.

People that enter this line of work tend to be patient and easy-going. They enjoy the company of children and can work in a hectic environment. ECEs can work regular office hours, long hours, and part-time depending on your situation. Workers are required to get training at post-secondary schools in order to enter this field of work. Some career opportunities include preschools/group childcare, infant/toddler childcare, family daycare, and out-of-school care to name a few.

There are many opportunities for creating your own business and finding work within this field. Sprott-Shaw offers an ECE Program that you can complete in 77 weeks and then start a rewarding career!

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