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Sprott Shaw Has A Global Outlook

Based in B.C., but focused abroad – Sprott Shaw College makes international education a top priority.

You can see it in the diverse backgrounds of the people who study there – people who come from all over the world. Like many others, these men and women see the value of Sprott Shaw’s innovative, industry-focused training programs.

They appreciate the college’s multiple campuses, monthly start dates, flexible course scheduling, and the assistance it provides with career placement for graduates.

They know that Sprott Shaw’s slogan, “Learning with Purpose Since 1903,” is both a statement and a promise. For them, enrolling at Sprott Shaw is a practical path to a rewarding career.

Of course, nothing says practical like a global outlook – and that’s why Sprott Shaw maintains one. In addition to welcome international students to study at its B.C.-based campuses, Sprott Shaw is undertaking strategic partnerships that will extend its educational model well beyond Canada’s borders.

By partnering with credible institutions in the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Iraqi markets, plus many more in Asia and the Middle East, Sprott Shaw is developing new educational pathways for its students.

For those interested in studying abroad, it’s a chance to do so according to Sprott Shaw’s strict standards of quality.

And for international students, it will offer opportunities to study at affiliated institutions and earn academic credentials recognized in Canada. Programs in the faculties of trade, tourism and hospitality, management, health and development, and business, are available. Most graduates of these programs will be qualified to enter the job marker the day they leave school.

Practical courses designed for today’s job market. Flexible enrollment designed for today’s busy lifestyle. Instructors who see things the way students do.

No matter where you are coming from, Sprott Shaw College has a home for you.

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Interested in taking a program at Sprott Shaw? 

Interested in taking a Program at Sprott Shaw?