Happy Groundhog Day (Especially to all unhappy workers)


Groundhog Day is here and – surprise – not everyone is looking forward to two more weeks of rain. If you are unhappy with your job, bad weather could make it seem worse. Fight the winter blues (greys) by making some changes, whether you decide to stay or go.

What’s casting the shadow?

First things first: identify the problem(s). Write down why you’re not satisfied with your job, distinguishing between reasons you can live with, eg. decent but unspectacular wages, and those you can’t (and shouldn’t), eg. workplace bullying.

How much wood could you chuck? A lot more

Professionals often go back to school on a part-time or full-time basis, especially with the need to stay relevant in a tech-filled world. It’s cold and damp outside – why not take this opportunity to learn new skills or take a refresher course? This could enable you to find a more suitable post, or simply be more confident and efficient at your current job.

Pull yourself out of the hole

Once you have the muscles (see previous point), it may be time to climb up. If you no longer feel challenged in your current role and/or are unsatisfied with the pay, you might be ready to seek a promotion. Do some research on your target job and find out what skills and certification would be needed or beneficial.

Find another burrow

Love your work but not where you work? If you are happy with the job description but find yourself constantly stressing over issues specific to the company, such as an incompatible corporate culture, hostile boss, or hazardous working environment, it may be time to move on.

Before you make any decisions, be sure you have done everything in your power to fix the problem, whether it’s seeking mediation or changing the way you handle stress. Sometimes shadows seem to loom where there are none – spring could be nearer than you think.

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