Happy Mother’s Day!

On Sunday, May 12, don’t forget to give your mother a call or, if distance permits, visit and cook a meal for her! If you’re a mother, enjoy the weekend and gestures of appreciation from your kids.

It’s difficult being a woman and a mother – a time-consuming duo of roles that is nearly as difficult to pull off today as 105 years ago when Mother’s Day was established. The difference is, today, you have control over you and your children’s education and future.

While you’re working on those charred pancakes, consider this: you know the importance of putting your kids through school, but are you putting off your own education? Students whose parents completed post-secondary studies are three times more likely to do so themselves than students whose parents only completed high school. Getting an advanced education not only improves your mind and career but also your children’s chances in life.

To make things easier, find out about all the tax benefits, savings plans, and financial assistance available. For example, if you are enrolling in any program of 12 weeks in length or longer (part-time or full-time) and have dependents under 12 years of age, you may qualify for grants from Service Canada. Additional grants are available to low-income families. You can also set up Canada Learning Bonds, RESPs, and other benefits for your children.

In Canada today, women are more likely than men to complete advanced education. This Mother’s Day, encourage yourself or a mom you know to pursue further studies; whether it’s Practical Nursing or Advanced Business Management, going back to school will be worth it for everyone involved.

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