Because Hunger Has No Age Limit

Food Banks British Columbia in conjunction with Aquarius Marketing and Corporate Sponsors is launching its 10th Annual Holiday Season Hunger Awareness campaign “Because Hunger Has No Age Limit.” This TV and Print campaign is running province-wide in December to encourage British Columbians to support their local food banks. Food Banks British Columbia’s new online donation website now makes it easier than ever to directly support your local food bank.

During the holiday season, food banks rely on the bulk of their donations to help them throughout the year. Rising food and fuel prices are putting more pressure on Food Banks across BC.

Food Bank use across BC continues to rise and rural communities have been the hardest hit. Transportation of donated food is a major concern and some rural food banks have had to close their doors early and turn people away due to a lack of supplies. For smaller rural food banks the campaign can be the only way to get their message out to potential donors.

More than 90,000 people walked into a food bank in March 2011. Of these 31.7% were children, 24.5% of those assisted in BC report provincial disability income support as their primary source of income – the highest in Canada.

Seniors and others on marginal incomes are particularly vulnerable to increased costs and many have to rely on food banks to meet their nutritional needs. More single parents have to turn to food banks for their children’s basic needs.

Visit http://foodbanksbritishcolumbia.ca for more information on how to donate. Also, don’t forget to donate at the CFOX and Sprott-Shaw Community College “Santa Fox Food Drive” going on now!

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