The Growing Senior Population

There have been predictions for years that our government will have to deal with a larger population of seniors than we can afford, but as life expectancy increases these predictions are slowly becoming a reality. Currently British Columbia’s population is nearly 32% children aged 0 to14 and seniors aged 65 or older. That means that almost one-third of BC’s population are not of working age. There are some major economic issues that may occur as a result of our ageing population including an increase in: health care expenditures, pension expenditures, taxes to cover social programs, and the age to collect Old Age Security.

Some of the major reasons this imbalance is occurring has been “Canada’s low fertility rates”. Since most people are concerned with their career and education they are putting off starting families until later in life. Also, it seems that “Canadians are simply not having enough babies – nor bringing in enough immigrants – to replace all the current taxpayers who will be retiring in the coming years”.

The aging population is creating issues for the government and taxpayers, but it is also creating opportunities for those looking for employment. The “Western provinces need more workers to fill labour shortages for both skilled and unskilled labour”, which means that there will be work for everyone across the board. The employment opportunities are growing every year and the workforce of trained or skilled workers is decreasing. There is a need for more people to seek training in trades and health professions. Those that enter schooling now will become the new industry professionals that can expect growth within their careers quicker than those before them.

Professions including Community Support Worker, Practical Nurse, Health Care Assistant, Live-In Caregiver, Pharmacy Assistant, and Electrician will be in dire need of new trainees.

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