Meet Our Fraser Valley Valedictorian Graduates

In the spirit of acknowledging exceptional academic accomplishments, we are honoured to introduce our 2023 valedictorian graduates. We invite you to read their personal insights and discover the journey that brought them to Sprott Shaw College.

Representing the graduating class of the Abbotsford campus, Melissa Coombes shared the importance of dedication, perseverance, and growth. “Our experience has shown us that through challenge and adversity, we are all capable of leading by example, showing up for ourselves to allow learning and growth for our futures.”

Rashpinder Brar represented the graduating class of the Chilliwack campus. Sharing her journey and her passion to learn from those she helps in her line of work, Rashpinder stated how she was proud to be a part of the Health Care Assistant program at Sprott Shaw College. “I am confident that I will be able to make a positive impact in the lives of those I care for.”

Amanda Ratcliffe, the Valedictorian representing the graduating class of the Maple Ridge campus, highlighted the help provided by the administration and instructors at Sprott Shaw College, stating, “I want you to know what a great gift it is to be as prepared as we are, because not all schools offer such an advantage. Whether you intend to continue your education or not, you will benefit from what you learned here.”

Rachael Naidu, the Valedictorian representing the graduating class of the Surrey campus, spoke about the impact of reinforcing equity in our society and her motivation for pursuing a career as an Education Assistant with Sprott Shaw. “I would like to thank the teachers and staff that set our dreams free, the friends that helped us persevere, and the community that inspired us.”

Their words serve as an inspiration to remind all of us of the transformative power of education, the importance of embracing opportunities, and recognizing that achievements are not solitary endeavours. We thank Amanda, Melissa, Rashpinder, and Rachael for sharing their experiences. They represent the spirit of Sprott Shaw College, a community that cares about personal growth, fosters a culture of quality, and commemorates the accomplishments of its graduates.

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