Reasons to Consider a Practical Nursing Program

If you have a passion for helping and caring for people, then enrolling in a practical nursing program is the right step for you and your career! A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a kind and caring healthcare professional who provides nursing care to patients with the help of doctors, registered nurses, and other healthcare professionals. According to the jobs and careers website, WorkBC, licensed practical nurse (LPN) work mainly in hospitals, but they can also work in doctors’ offices and even dental offices that perform minor surgery.

Why you should enroll in a PN program

There are many reasons why you should take the plunge and start a PN program today:

  • Short length of the program. The entire program typically takes only two years to complete. Sprott Shaw College’s program is 2,005 hours over 75 weeks including roughly 235 practicum hours.
  • Stepping stone to an RN career. A PN program can lead you to become a registered nurse. You will receive the education and experience you need to advance your career and be a great registered nurse who helps make the world a better place, one patient at a time.
  • Several job opportunities. The need for LPNs is increasing, which means the number of LPN jobs available is increasing. In the next 10 years, it is expected for 4,120 LPN jobs to become available, according to WorkBC. These jobs will be available because of the need to replace retired workers and because of the new jobs created due to economic growth.
  • Good pay. You can make up to $28 an hour, depending on the location and job duties. The annual provincial median salary is $54,226.
  • Work that has meaning. An LPN career can be very rewarding. You can have a major impact on the lives of your patients, and you can even contribute to miracle-causing treatments and care. You can help people heal as well as live a better and fuller life. You can also make lasting relationships with the people you work with and care for each day.

As a licensed practical nurse, you will provide a variety of healthcare services to patients under the direction of doctors and other healthcare professionals. You will typically take vital signs, perform lab tests, dress wounds and apply bandages, administer medication, provide care before and after an operation, monitor intravenous and respiratory therapy, keep an eye on the patients’ progress, and more.

If you’re interested in starting your LPN career, enroll in Sprott Shaw College’s program today! You can start the application process and learn more about the program, as well as an LPN career, by clicking here. To qualify for the program, you will need:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent, or mature student status (age 19 and out of school one year).
  • An admissions interview.
  • Minimum scores on entrance tests.
  • A Coordinator / Director interview.

You can find more information about qualifications at the bottom of our Practical Nursing program page.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and excited to help you get started on your licensed practical nursing career! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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