When Is Your Next Enrollment?

Spring break is now upon us, many students will be taking a break from their centers of learning across the province.

Unfortunately, there are some who have not applied yet, who have not decided on a career, or are stuck on waitlists. There is no need to wait another year, with those people in mind Sprott Shaw College developed a “continual intake system” allowing students to enroll monthly and are still able to get their full, PTIB accredited, learning experience. Using a year-round continual system also allows you to get a head start on your competition enrolled in other post-secondary institutions.

At Sprott Shaw College, you’ll get the same skills and knowledge but faster, allowing you to get into the workforce earlier and start making money. This system also prevents waitlists, allowing us to accept anyone with the willingness to learn and develop their skills. We have more than 130 programs in our 16 campuses across the province and our career advisors would love for you to visit for a no-cost, no-pressure career exploration session.

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