World Mental Health Day

The Mental Health Struggles of Being a Student

Sometimes, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to keep your mental health in check when you’re a full-time student – especially when you have so much on your plate to worry about.

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Whether you’re currently a student, a recent graduate, or were a student over a decade ago, we’ve all been there before and know the struggles. Being a student isn’t a walk in the park – exams, assignments, piling rent bills, student loans, tight budgets meaning ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the list just keeps going on and on. All of these factors add to the everyday stress of being a student.

At Sprott Shaw College, we prioritize and value the mental health of our students – that’s why we inaugurated June as Mental Health Awareness Month and offer mental health support like the My Student Support Program (My SSP) to encourage our students to practice and foster good mental health.

As today is World Mental Health Day, we want you to know that we’re here for you.

The Importance of Your Mental Health

Without a doubt, your mental health is important. Whether you’re 22, 58, or even 87 years old, maintaining good mental health is important for keeping you healthy – both mentally and physically.

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Your mental health refers to your emotional, psychological, and social well-being, which is often characterized by alterations in your thinking, mood, and behaviour associated with significant distress and impaired functioning. Since your mental health affects your emotions and how you think, it’s equally as important as your physical health.

Maintaining good mental health allows you to fully enjoy life for what it is and appreciate the people and blessings you have around you. Plus, positively nurturing your mental health can help to fight and prevent mental health complications that are sometimes associated with chronic physical illness. In some cases, it can even prevent the onset or relapse of a physical and mental illness.

My Student Support Program (My SSP)

As one of our initiatives to foster positive mental health, we offer students the My Student Support Program (My SSP). My SSP is a positive mental health and wellbeing platform offered via a free and easy-to-use mobile app. It is designed specifically to help support students succeed and proactively address their concerns, before they snowball. My SSP provides students with access to helpful, self-directed online resources, as well as live Student Support Advisors who are available 24/7 and can help you juggle your busy study and personal life.

As part of being a student, some of the most common feelings and emotions that students face are stress, anxiety, sadness, and loneliness. Students also struggle to maintain healthy eating, sleeping and exercise routines, and often say they could benefit from some guidance to build healthier habits. To help manage these feelings and promote self-improvement, the My SSP website and mobile app also offers an array of helpful articles that can help with coping, relief, and support. In addition to connecting with a Student Support Advisor for advice and guidance, these articles allow students to explore everyday topics like navigating tricky relationships with friends and families, being successful in school, moving away from home, and reducing stress ahead of exams.

One of the best things about My SPP is that you can access it 24/7 (yes, that’s right – any day of the week or time of the day). Through the free My SSP mobile app, you can call or instant message with a Student Support Advisor – whichever you feel more comfortable doing – any time of the day or night. Through the app, you access real-time support via chat or call, or schedule an appointment for a telephone or video conversation. The Student Support Advisors are clinically trained and can help address issues relating to relationships, school, family and friends, mental health issues, addictions, and much, much more. No issue is too big or small.

To speak with an advisor today, first download the free app by searching ‘My SSP’ through your device’s app store. From there, follow the prompts to select your school and campus, and browse the helpful tools on offer. Want to speak with someone? That’s easy too, just start an instant chat or call in via the app or toll-free number 1.855.649.8641.

Don’t feel comfortable speaking in English? Not a problem. Through the app, you can text with an Advisor in French, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Spanish. To do so, adjust your language setting in the app profile section and then start your chat (top right hand cover of your home screen). Prefer another language? Call in and make your request directly. Every effort will be made to schedule you an appointment with an Advisor that speaks your preferred language.  

My SSP is completely confidential within the limits of the law, so no one – including your friends, family, or instructors – will know you’ve used the program unless you choose to tell them.

And the best part is – it’s all free! Download the My SSP app today and try it out for yourself!

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