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What Are High Opportunity Jobs and How Can You Land One?

Whether you’re looking for a particular job or planning your career path, you want one with High Opportunity Jobs that...
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Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Senen Abrazado

This week’s Sprott Shaw Hero is Senen Abrazado, who has achieved so much since he graduated from Sprott Shaw College...
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Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Nancy Bettencourt Janzé

This week, we are introducing one of our inspirational Sprott Shaw Heroes who has had the dream of pursuing a...
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Where to Watch the SprottTalks Sessions You Missed

Over the course of three weeks, our students and instructors received the opportunity to interactively connect with their Sprott Shaw...
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Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Nicci Lee Jensen Harrison

While it may have been a few years since Nicci Lee Jensen Harrison graduated from Sprott Shaw, it is still...
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