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Sprott Shaw College

Over 100 College Programs
to Launch your new career

Sprott Shaw College has a long-standing reputation with an innovative way of thinking. We design career focused college programs around the student, with monthly start dates, flexible scheduling, and career placement assistance. With accredited campus locations across British Columbia, we offer a world-class college in your local community.

Education Today for the Careers of Tomorrow.


"This college does not have the same feel as other post secondary institutes, this is because everyone knows everyone and you feel safe and comfortable at all times. "


" Both the instructors as well as the non teaching staff all co-operatively worked together to help me achieve my academic goals. "


"Sprott Shaw helped me to realize my true potential. The instructors and staff supported me every step of the way and made sure I am prepared for my new career."


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16 College Locations

With 16 government designated campuses across the province, Sprott Shaw College is one of the most accessible private colleges in BC. We understand that your life isn’t always in one place so your school shouldn’t be either. Students may be eligible to transfer to other campuses based on program availability and other determining factors.