I’m Very Satisfied with the Sprott Shaw Students I’ve Hired

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I am the Care Manager at Haven Hill, a 152 bed Residential Care Facility in Penticton, BC. We have a very positive reputation within our Community, if not the best reputation here, for the care we provide on a 24 hour basis, 365 days of the year.

One of the reasons that we are so highly regarded is the quality of our staff. The procession of caring for people in a very demanding one, both physically and mentally. Not only are the persons I hire from Sprott Shaw ready to complete tasks that are well within resident’s personal space such as peri-care and the use of ceiling track lifts, they are also given education on dementia and mental health.

I have been very satisfied with the staff I have hired after being students at Sprott Shaw College. This is true in both Resident Health Care Aides, and in the Licensed Practical Nurses that we have interviewed, completed reference checks on, and then hired.

Our site continues to provide practicum space as requested to both colleges, and we have observed first hand the level of training provided, and been exposes to the college curriculum.

Going forward, I will continue to be please to have graduated of both programs apply to me for employment, and will continue to hire their studentas per site operation needs.


Laura Raycraft
Care Manager
Haven Hill
Penticton, BC

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