Sprott Shaw Students Are Well-Informed of the Trade

Please describe your company/organization. 

We are one of BC’s largest non-union electrical contractors with 280+ employees. We specialize in New Construction (concrete, steel stud, woodframe structures), Commercial, Industrial and Service work.

How/where did you hear about hiring co-op students from Sprott Shaw? 

We have partnered with Sprott Shaw before, and have continued to do so.

Why did you choose to hire students from Sprott Shaw? 

The Sprott Shaw students we have had the pleasure of hosting and hiring are generally well-informed of the trade and are good people with proper attendance and communication skills.

How was the hiring process?

The hiring process is simple and smooth. I have students complete their hiring forms ahead of time, and in the event they are hired, the paperwork is already in our computer system. 

Paul Newell, the Director of Trades, is responsive to emails and phone calls should there be any hiccups in the process.

Were the students prepared for the roles/responsibilities/tasks assigned?

Yes, generally the students were prepared for the role and responsibilities assigned.

Did the students have the skills/knowledge/understanding required for the job?


Would you hire the students full-time after they graduate? Why or why not?

Yes. We have offered full-time work for 13 out of 24 students since April 2019.

Would you hire co-op students from Sprott Shaw again?


Andrea Szeto
HR Generalist
Nightingale Electrical Ltd.

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