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Uploading Assignments and Checking Marks on G2

If you are new to G2 Learning Management System please read the KB Article G2 Learning – Getting Started, before this article.

After you have logged in to https://g2learning.sprottshaw.com with the username and password which was provided in your welcome email, and have enrolled in your first course; you will begin to work through the materials as directed by your instructor.

Uploading Assignments

During the course you will be asked to upload an assignment.  This provides a method for your instructor to see when you uploaded the assignment, they can mark it and give you feedback.  You will receive an email when they have assigned a mark.

To get started, click the link with the yellow hand holding a paper.
In the window which opens, click the “ADD SUBMISSION” button.

In the window that opens, there are two methods to upload. 

Method 1 – You can drag and drop the file.

Method 2 – You can select the folder icon.  It will open another window. 

Select the “CHOOSE FILE” button, which will allow you to browse your computer and select the file. Once you have selected your file, click the “UPLOAD THIS FILE” button.


If you are not familiar with finding files on your computer, click this link to access an INTRODUCTION TO FILE MANAGEMENT.

Checking Your Marks

Once you have completed a quiz or uploaded an assignment, your instructor will post your marks in G2 Learning.  To view your marks, log in to G2 Learning, select the course.  On the left side of your screen is a navigation panel.  Click the Grades link.  NOTE:  The grades shown will be cumulative.  This means if only 50% of your grades have been recorded the maximum you will see is 50%.

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