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Getting Started with Your Student Email

While you are enrolled at Sprott Shaw College you have access to a Sprott Shaw email address and a copy of Microsoft Office 365.  Microsoft Office includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other productivity tools.  You may use them online or download them onto your personal computer or other devices.

Your email address and password were sent to you in the welcome email which you would have received before your program started.  If you need to change your password, please contact your campus administrator.

We recommend that you use your Sprott Shaw email for all communication with staff and other students.  All invitations for your online video WebEx classes will be sent to your Sprott Shaw email.

To access your email you can go to https://login.microsoftonline.com/ or you an access the login link from https://sprottshaw.com and then clicking on the STUDENT link at the top of the page.

Once you log in to this site you will be ready to use Outlook Online.  If you would like to install MS Office on your computer, click on the block of 9 dots in the top left corner.

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