BC Celebrates Family Day

Starting in 2013, British Columbians have a new statutory holiday. On February 11, the second Monday of the month, BC will celebrate its first February statutory holiday and 10th statutory holiday overall (for now).

No, this is not Celebrate-Valentine’s-Day-Early Day, or Go-Shopping-in-the-States-on-Presidents-Day Day (that’s the third Monday of February). Family Day is a day for remembering the importance of family and spending quality time with your family as winter draws to a close. With the days growing bright, consider paying your parents a visit (your mother would appreciate it) or taking the kids to the park!

And if the idea of spending the day with children, anyone’s children, at the park fills you with joy, not dread, you might be right for a career in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Early Childhood Educators not only teach, but they also plan and guide children in activities that help develop positive social and learning habits for life.

The 45-week ECE program at Sprott Shaw includes both classroom and practicum hours. For more details, click here.

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