Health Care Assistant Day 2020

Working in healthcare is no easy feat – and even more so during a global pandemic like the one we’re facing right now. Our health care assistants and other health care professionals are bravely fighting on the frontlines to make sure that we are all safe, healthy, and protected.

In 2011, the BC Provincial Government established the first Health Care Assistant Day to appreciate the care and supervision health care assistants offer in protective and supportive environments for individuals with complex care needs.

Today, October 18th, we want to recognize and acknowledge all of the incredible, hardworking, and dedicated health care assistants and aides on Health Care Assistant Day. With an ageing population and the stress placed on the healthcare system, health care assistants truly are our healthcare heroes. 

Even in difficult and demanding times, our health care assistants are persevering and pressing on to care for the health and safety of their clients and residents.

So, thank you to all our health care assistants for your indispensable support for those in need. You are our heroes without capes! Thank you!

See some of our amazing Health Care Assistant students below!

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