Introducing Our Paramedic Program Ambulance Simulators

At Sprott Shaw College, we pride ourselves on our focus on hands-on, practical learning. With the introduction of our Primary Care Paramedic program, we had to ask ourselves, what could hands-on practical learning look like for our paramedic students?

The answer? Sprott Shaw’s ambulance and ambulance simulators!

Sprott Shaw’s Paramedic Program Ambulance Simulators

Did you know that Paramedics spend 50-80% of their workday in an ambulance? Considering how important being in an ambulance is for a Paramedic, it just made sense to turn a classroom into three ambulance simulators!

These simulators provide a huge benefit to our school by allowing multiple students to practice simultaneously in a controlled, easily supervised environment. Based on the current operational design of ambulances in the province in terms of size and layout, these simulators provide an excellent approximation of a real ambulance for students to practice in. As the simulators are located inside our campus, students can practice no matter the weather outside. The proximity to regular classrooms means that we can turn theoretical learning into practice immediately—just walk down the hall! We believe these simulators are a unique advantage to both our Primary Care Paramedic program and our students, in fact, these simulators are the only simulators of its kind based on an up-to-date interior design in the province!

While simulators are an amazing benefit to our students, eventually, students need to have hands-on experience in an actual ambulance. For that, our Primary Care Paramedic program has them covered.

The Sprott Shaw Ambulance

The Sprott Shaw ambulance provides a real ambulance experience to our students, equipped with up-to-date latest standards and equipment. This ambulance is fully drivable, and students can expect to participate in case-based scenarios out in the real world in varying environments. In these case-based scenarios, replica “clients” will be brought back to the ambulance and provided with simulated medical care.

The Sprott Shaw Primary Care Paramedic Program

Interested in the Sprott Shaw Primary Care Paramedic program? Designed as a starting point for entering paramedicine, this program requires no EMR certification to enter, is recognized by the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (EMALB), and meets both Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 licensing requirements. Speak to an advisor today to learn more about our Paramedic program!

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