Meet Our 2024 Interior Valedictorian Graduates

We are proud to introduce our 2024 Interior valedictorian graduates from our Kamloops, Kelowna, and Penticton campuses. It took hard work and dedication for each of our valedictorians to excel in their respective programs and we are proud to have them represent Sprott Shaw College as they embark on their new careers. You can find our favourite excerpts from the valedictorian speeches they gave at their graduation ceremonies below.

Kamloops Valedictorian: Rizalina Jarcia – Early Childhood Education

Kamloops Valedictorian: Rizalina Jarcia – Early Childhood Education

Rizalina Jarcia, our valedictorian representing the Kamloops campus, spoke about her journey to Sprott Shaw College, the people who supported her throughout her program, and her excitement for what the future holds.

“Graduates of 2024, as we prepare to embark on the next chapter of our lives, let us carry with us the lessons learned during our time here. Let us cherish the friendships we have made, the knowledge we have gained, and the experiences that have shaped us…Let us go forth and make a difference in the world, using the education that Sprott Shaw College embedded in us, not just for personal gain but for the betterment of society.”

Kelowna Valedictorian: Dexter Demafelix – Education Assistant

Dexter Demafelix, our valedictorian representing the Kelowna campus, spoke about how he came to enroll in Sprott Shaw College, thanked his family and the campus staff for their support, and congratulated his classmates on their success.

“I will be forever grateful to Sprott Shaw College for bringing out the best in me and for making our learning have purpose and meaning…Congratulations to all the graduates of the Sprott Shaw College Kelowna campus. This might be the end of an era but a beautiful beginning of something good.”

Kelowna Valedictorian: Dexter Demafelix – Education Assistant

Penticton Valedictorian: Madison Scheiber – Practical Nursing

Penticton Valedictorian: Madison Scheiber – Practical Nursing

Madison Scheiber, our valedictorian representing the Penticton campus, thanked campus staff for their support, reminisced about the various events and activities that took place around her campus during her program, and highlighted the hard work and perseverance of her classmates.

“Today, we celebrate getting through the hard times and accomplishing the goals we have worked so hard and tirelessly to achieve. We embark on new beginnings and creating change within the professions we are pursuing. My heart is filled with so much excitement for not only myself, but each and every one of you sitting here today…As we close this chapter, a new one begins and for that we celebrate.”

Thank you to all our 2024 Interior valedictorians for their impactful speeches and congratulations to all our Interior graduates! We can’t wait to see your future successes as you embark on your new careers.

Stay tuned to our blog as we post snippets from all our 2024 valedictorian speeches across all our campuses.

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