Pink Shirt Day 2022: Lift Each Other Up!

Sprott Shaw College is proud to announce our continued support of Pink Shirt Day 2022 with the launch of our limited-edition Pink Shirts (available at all campuses across the province), with 100% of proceeds going to the Kids Help Phone! 

What is Pink Shirt Day?  

Pink Shirt Day is a national anti-bullying movement that began in Nova Scotia in 2007 with the mission “to create a more kind, inclusive world by raising awareness and funds for anti-bullying initiatives.” 

In 2021 alone, the Pink Shirt Day initiatives were able to support programs that impacted more than 50,000 youth and children! 

Learn more about Pink Shirt Day on their official website!

The fact is that 1 in 5 children are still affected by bullying, harassment, and discrimination. We’ve come a long way, but we will continue to strive to do better to create a society where no child feels unwanted, unheard, or unwelcome. 

When is Pink Shirt Day? 

Pink Shirt Day 2022 is on Wednesday, February 23rd.  

Sprott Shaw already has our official Pink Shirt Day shirts for sale at all our campuses across the province. 

We are donating 100% of all proceeds to the Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) to help give victims of bullying a place to find the help that they need. Contact your local campus. 

Additionally, Sprott Shaw is encouraging all our students and staff to wear their pink shirts on Wednesday, February 23rd to show our commitment to stand up to bullying and celebrating the diversity that makes our communities great! 

This will be Sprott Shaw’s fourth year proudly fundraising for Pink Shirt Day. Last year, thanks to the generosity of our students, staff, and local communities, we raised over $4,000 for the Kids Help Phone. That was an incredible achievement, but this year we’re aiming to do even better! 

“Thank you to everyone who participated in Pink Shirt Day 2021, [Sprott Shaw] raised well over $4,000… That money will go towards programs and services geared toward helping and supporting kids in BC and across Canada navigate the challenges they are facing. These challenges have been amplified since COVID-19 and so has the demand on our programs and services.  

To put things into perspective, in 2019 Kids Help Phone had 1.9 million interactions with kids across Canada; in 2020 we had 4.6 million, which is a significant increase. It is due to community supporters like Sprott Shaw that make it possible for us to continue to grow and meet those needs as we navigate these challenges. “ 

-Rebecca Patterson, Kids Help Phone, Community Partnerships Development Officer 

Pink Shirts Available Now! 

Sprott Shaw’s Pink Shirts are already available at all our campuses across the province for $15.  

Contact your local campus to get your shirts, and feel free to show off and tag @PinkShirtDay to show your support online. 

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