Sprott Shaw Announces Cooperation with the Justice Institute

Justice Institute

Sprott Shaw College has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Justice Institute of British Columbia to cooperate on certain joint programs and recruitment activities. Under the terms of the MOU, Sprott Shaw College and JIBC will examine opportunities in several areas including: integration of certain programs and assess the possibilities of dual diplomas, establishment articulation arrangement for credit transfers between the two institutions, offering certain JIBC programs at selected Sprott Shaw and CIBT’s overseas locations, and attracting international students to study at JIBC in Canada.

“We are pleased to cooperate with JIBC on various programs including Emergency Management, Paramedics, Fire and Safety, Police Academy and more,” commented Toby Chu, President and CEO, Vice Chairman of CIBT Education Group Inc. “We see great potential and market demands for these types of specialized programs from China, the Middle East and other emerging countries. The cooperation with JIBC will allow us to fully utilize our recruitment network from around the world, while JIBC will be able to fully utilize their infrastructure, expertise and resources to achieve higher economies of scale.”

“JIBC looks forward to a productive relationship with CIBT Education Group,” said Dr. Michel Tarko, JIBC President and CEO. “CIBT Group has built an impressive global network, and JIBC is a recognized global leader in public safety education. By cooperating and sharing our expertise, we see opportunities to expand program delivery in international markets and to attract more international students. For students looking to earn credentials that prepare them for careers in public health and safety, the cooperation between CIBT Group and JIBC will provide more educational options, more flexibility, and more support.”

Look for more information on this important cooperation coming soon. For more information on current Sprott Shaw College programs click here or call us at 310-4473.

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