Sprott Shaw College’s 2023 Year in Review 

Another year for the history books—and this year has been an incredible year for us at Sprott Shaw College. Between our 120th Anniversary party celebrated at every campus and the launching of two new programs, we definitely kept busy! With 2023 coming to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite highlights from the past year. 

Celebrating Over 120 Years of Sprott Shaw College 

On August 17th, all 16 Sprott Shaw College campuses celebrated our 120th Anniversary. With thousands of staff, students, and alumni in attendance, we gathered to celebrate our history, our community, and over 120 years of student success. In addition to food, trivia, and prizes, special guests such as MLAs, MPs, and Mayors honoured us with their attendance at this special event. Local radio stations such as Z95.3 were in attendance and guests were treated to performances by First Nations dancers, a student dance troupe, and more. It was a memorable day and a great way to give back to the communities we call our home. 

Read more about our 120th celebration here! 

Graduation: Over 3000 Students, Over $650,000 in Grants and Scholarships 

Graduation is always a highlight for us, and 2023 was no different. With over 3000 graduates across our 16 different campuses, this year was another success as graduates of both our online and on-campus programs were in attendance to celebrate reaching a new educational milestone. Watching our grads walk across the stage and seeing families celebrating their loved one’s achievements is a reflection of our purpose, and celebrating graduation is a momentous event we look forward to each year. 

We also wanted to celebrate giving out over $650,000 in grants and scholarships in 2023! We know the difference scholarships and grants can make for our students, and we are proud to be able to assist them in their post-secondary education. 

Sprotty, Meet World! 

It may feel like they have always been with us, but in 2023 we introduced our mascot, Sprotty, to the world! It took a lot of work putting a mascot together for Sprott Shaw, but it has been a real highlight for us seeing how our students have taken to them. The naming process was another highlight as we ran a contest to have our students and staff name the mascot—we had plenty of great submissions! Sprotty won and it just felt right. Expect to see more of Sprotty in 2024 on both our social media and in person at your Sprott Shaw campus! 

Two New Programs: Primary Care Paramedic and Cybersecurity 

Equally exciting as launching our new mascot is the introduction of not one, but two new programs! Primary Care Paramedic and Cybersecurity Specialist were both added to our program offerings this year and we can’t wait to see our first classes in these programs run in 2024! 

Designed as an entry point into the paramedicine field, our Primary Care Paramedic program is unique in that it does not require an Emergency Medical Responder license in order for you to start. With an abundance of practicum and preceptorship opportunities woven throughout, our program is designed to create strong Primary Care Paramedics from the ground up and launch successful careers in the field. 

Learn more about our Primary Care Paramedic program here. 

Our Cybersecurity program is also an exciting new addition to Sprott Shaw College. Our college has always focused on creating programs that meet the needs of the local community, and with the rise of digital communications and operations in most modern businesses, cybersecurity specialists have never been more in demand. Taught mostly online and available to the entirety of BC, our Cybersecurity Specialist program is the perfect way to enter the field. 

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Specialist program here. 

Selfie with Elfie Returns! 

Our Selfie with Elfie contest made its return this year after its successful debut last year, and the response was incredible. With over 200 entries in just two weeks, we even managed to beat last year’s record of just over 170! We love seeing everyone’s creativity and amazing selfies, and it’s always a great way to cap off the year and get our students in the holiday spirit. We gave out a total of $375 in gift card prizes to 10 different winners, but we truly loved so many entries that it was extremely difficult to pick only 10! Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope everybody had fun along the way. 

Giving Back to Our Community 

At Sprott Shaw College, we pride ourselves on giving back to the communities we call home. The incredible initiatives taken on by our various campuses were a definite highlight for us and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Most recently, our Chilliwack campus collected donations and distributed care packages to the homeless and our Penticton campus hosted a “Lunch with Santa” to raise money for local charities that provide free breakfasts to students in need. 

In collaboration with Covenant House Vancouver, a charity dedicated to Vancouver’s homeless and at-risk youth, Sprott Shaw College and Global Education Communities Corp provide a scholarship program that includes free tuition, books, and more to support youth in their journey to a brighter future. Sprott Shaw is also an official partner of the Orange Shirt Society and works to raise awareness and funds for Truth and Reconciliation year-round by encouraging students and staff to wear their orange shirts on the last Thursday of every month. 

These are just a few of the initiatives our college has been a part of this year, and Sprott Shaw College is committed to continuing to make a positive difference in our communities in 2024. 

Looking Back on 2023 at Sprott Shaw College 

This year was so jam-packed with highlights that picking just a few standouts wasn’t easy. With new programs, fun contests, campus celebrations, packed graduations, and a new mascot, 2023 was truly a great year for us. We wanted to take a moment to thank our staff, students, and alumni who represent us every day in their local communities. It is people who make Sprott Shaw College what it is, and we are proud of everyone who has let our college be a part of their journey. We hope your 2023 was great, and that 2024 is even better! 

Here’s wishing you a happy New Year! 

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