Sprott Shaw College in Solidarity Against Racism

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On behalf of President, Victor Tesan, Sprott Shaw College stands in solidarity against all forms of racism, discrimination, violence, and prejudice against the Indigenous, Black, and Asian communities. Discriminatory and violent acts against people of colour or any ethnicity must stop now.

In early June 2020, we were able to take our stance and show our support for anti-racism by releasing an anti-racism pledge, with the Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. While we know this action alone is not enough to stop racism, we will continue to take every step and measure we can to help stop it. This is everyone’s fight and we must all work together to end racial inequality and racial injustice.

We also understand the fear, stress, and trauma these unjustifiable discriminatory incidents may be causing for our students. As an inclusive institution founded on the value of diversity, we believe in creating dynamic and innovative learning environments that embrace the multicultural nature of our communities and the uniqueness of each individual. It is our promise and commitment to you to continually make our campuses a better place, inclusive of all. Just like many of you have so proudly demonstrated, we too will continue to educate, learn, and listen to take action and fight against racism.

Moreover, as an institution of higher learning, it should be realized that there is never a day that we are silent as we work tirelessly so that each individual student might garner understanding, and thus gather the courage to find a voice that will make a difference.

We make public the values that we hold to as an organization and these values clearly identify the importance that we place in our communities, in how we embrace diversity, and in our belief in the implicit morality of honouring and respecting the rights of each and every individual.

Our world is currently fighting two enemies, the invisible enemy Covid-19 and the very visible enemy racism. The latter has plagued society for millennia and left deep-rooted scars across our globe.  Irrespective of race, colour or ethnicity, we all are human beings and share the ability to show understanding, compassion and empathy.  It is exactly this that makes us special and it is critical, now more than ever, that we demonstrate these traits and that each of us strives to embrace the beauty of humanity and work towards being the best people we can be. Only through this can we create and embody real change and put an end to racism.

Ultimately, it is our belief that through education and understanding that real change can be made. We all have a voice and it is time everyone is heard.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

(Nelson Mandela. Speech, Boston, 23 June 1990)

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