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If you’ve ever considered a teaching career, this may be the one for you: teaching English to non-native speakers, possibly in another country! You can do it with the help of a TESOL diploma (and certification through TESL Canada). Our TESOL program is offered through Sprott Shaw College Vancouver — Seymour campus and is delivered online, so if you don’t live in Vancouver… no problem!

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Our TESOL program includes teaching the four language skills — Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, as well as the five language systems of Lexis (Vocabulary), Phonology, Grammar, Function and Discourse. You’ll learn how to manage the classroom, plan lessons, create teaching materials, use a student-centered teaching style, and evaluate student performance.

Our TESOL Advanced Online program meets the national and international standards for TESOL. For the online program, there is instructor support available through email and phone as well as net meetings. You can submit assignments and receive feedback online and work at your own pace. Upon completing the theory component of the program (110 hours over 26 weeks, either online or in class), you can move on to your practicum. Practicums are 20 hours (2 weeks) long: 10 hours of observation of an experienced teacher in an ESL classroom and 10 hours teaching a class of actual ESL students. The Vancouver—Seymour campus offers assistance with practicum placements.

What happens when you’re finished? Well, both in-person and online graduates can apply to be certified through TESL Canada. Certification depends on meeting TESL Canada’s other requirements as well, including education (a university degree) and language proficiency. If you want to work in Canada, there are many language programs for international visitors and immigrants at a variety of school types. If you want to travel, there are also many teaching opportunities overseas in European countries as well as places such as China, Korea and Japan.

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