Who Teaches The Teachers?

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“Students must first learn how to learn” is repeated often in schools, but if you’ve ever wondered how teachers learn to teach, you might like to know more about the Instructor Competency Program.

No matter who and where they teach, the primary goal of teachers is to help their students learn. Instructors at colleges, technical institutes, and other vocational schools, however, have an additional task: equipping students with relevant real-world job skills. If you are one of these instructors, your ability to guide and inspire students can have a direct impact on their careers – stay relevant and upgrade your skills with the Instructor Competency Program (ICP). This program is also ideal if you are an expert in your field, and wish to become an instructor.

Within the Instructor Competency Program at Sprott Shaw, you will learn how to help adult learners meet their goals through a teaching tool belt that includes:

  • Applying principles of adult learning
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Creating lesson and activity plans
  • Matching evaluations to what students learn in order to make your teaching “click”
  • Computer technology (including the Microsoft suite) and other media

You will also learn how to create interactive learning environments, and to effectively use technology and media to make your teaching not only more efficient, but come alive.

Our New Westminster campus is having an info session on the ICP Program

Wednesday, January 30th @ 6:00 PM
New Westminster Campus
88 6th Street

RSVP: 604-520-3900

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