Online College Courses 101: What You Need To Know

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In the wake of COVID-19, the modern workplace has been re-evaluated, becoming increasingly flexible with the changing demands of employees. Working from home has become widely accepted, and staff are increasingly prioritizing a better work-life balance. 

So why haven’t we made those same changes to post-secondary education? 

At Sprott Shaw College, we went ahead and did just that. 

Online College Programs at Sprott Shaw College

With the addition of hybrid, asynchronous, and online courses, earning your diploma or certificate has never been more flexible. Add the fact that all our programs are accelerated and have monthly start dates, and you could start your career in anywhere from 17-75 weeks without ever having to leave your home (though we highly recommend stepping outside occasionally). 

Interested in learning more? Ready to start your career? You can learn everything you need to know about online programs below or by clicking the contact button to connect with our team. 

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Online College Courses: Careers Made Convenient

Online diploma and certificate programs are exactly as they sound—the same high-quality, practical-focused diploma and certificate programs…except delivered online! Your classes will follow a regular schedule where you will be connected to both your instructor and your classmates via WebEx video conferences for lectures and class activities.

Our online courses are designed to facilitate the same face-to-face, instructor-led learning that our on-campus programs provide. All course materials, project submissions, and feedback are handled in our cutting-edge online G2-Learning system. 

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Choosing to earn your post-secondary diploma or certificate in a way that works best for you should never have an impact on the education you receive or the qualifications you graduate with. For this reason, a diploma or certificate you earn online with Sprott Shaw is the same as one earned on-campus.

There are no differentiating factors, simply the same government-approved, practical-focused training we’ve provided since 1903—now delivered digitally to your living room. 

We have also recently launched our very first asynchronous online college program! Life can be hectic and trying to squeeze post-secondary education between work, family, and life can be a challenge. Asynchronous programs aim to alleviate this by putting your school scheduling in your hands.

Programs are created by our instructors and feature different modules that include lectures, assignments, and more. These modules unlock as the program progresses and students can access these modules whenever they wish during the week. Weekly, optional office hours are available to ensure that you always have an opportunity to connect with your instructor for any questions you may have. Our Early Childhood Education Basic certificate program is our first program to feature this model but keep an eye out for more to come! 

Some of our programs available fully-online include:  

Hybrid Programs: The Best of Both Worlds 

As much as we love online programs, on-campus training is crucial for certain careers—we can’t have dental assistants out in the world without having touched a tooth! Hybrid programs are great for those who prefer a combination of on-campus and online classes during your certificate or diploma program. 

Dental Hygienist

Classes focused on theory or lectures are often handled at home while hands-on focused classes such as working in our dental lab or receiving first-aid training would be held on campus. This mix of learning opportunities allows students to gain hands-on, practical experience with added flexibility and comfort during lecture days. 

Some of our hybrid programs available include: 

Online Learning Is Not a One Size Fits All Solution—And That’s Okay! 

While online learning may be convenient, some programs require constant hands-on training that just isn’t possible through the internet. For this reason, programs such as our Practical Nursing or Electrician programs are available exclusively on campus. If you have any questions about whether a program is available online, don’t hesitate to ask our advisors

One program component that is not available online is practicums with well-known BC businesses. These practicums are included in most of our programs and give students a chance to get real-world experience in their field before graduating. As you will be working in actual businesses separate from the college, students will need to attend in person at their practicum site. 

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Lastly, online learning is not for everyone—and that’s okay! With 16 government-designated campuses across BC and monthly start dates, we’ve got you covered if you prefer in-person, on-campus learning. Our aim with our online offerings is simply to add some flexibility and make getting a post-secondary education as accessible and convenient as possible. 

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