I was able to pass N-Clex RN and CELBAN

I am a student of the Post-Graduate Certificate of Nursing Administration and Co-op at Sprott Shaw College. I am doing my Co-op after finishing theoretical courses. This course is for obtaining certificate in Canada and for those who could not provide the license as a nurse in Canada. However, While I was taking the theory courses, I was able to pass N-Clex RN in New York and CELBAN which is the one that we, as an Internationally educated nurse, need to have passing result to proceed to the next steps to attain our dream to become a Canadian Nurse.

The course allows the IEN to perform high standard of nursing in Canada and refresh the theory of Nursing thoroughly. During the theoretical courses, we can have chance to perform our nursing skills in the campus as well as the school prepares us for the next steps of the process of becoming a Canadian nurse. The course coordinator helps the students out from the process regarding the individuals’ different step of the process. In addition, the educator of the course always considers the individuals’ understanding of the theories and nursing performance. Therefore, most students achieve their skills and theories before starting the Co-Op. I am still in the process of getting the license as a nurse in Canada. I am sure that the next students can challenge to be a nurse in Canada with the school.

Thank you,

Hyung Sung Harry Kim
RN in Korea and NY

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