What a Difference a One-Year Commitment to Go to School Made In My Life

My name is Pam M. I am a recent graduate of the Practical Nursing program at Sprott Shaw College, New Westminster campus. In 2008 I made the choice to return to college as a mature student with a wonderful family of six. After much careful thought, I decided to pursue nursing. Nursing was always something that I had considered as a career and in 2008 I decided to pursue this goal. I researched several schools that offered the Practical Nursing program and ultimately decided to go with Sprott Shaw. The main reason I chose this school was that the times offered for the program were so much better than any other school I had researched. I was able to attend school for five hours a day with a few short breaks in that time rather than going seven or eight hours a day somewhere else with hour-long lunch breaks plus coffee breaks etc. Ultimately because I had a family to care for, I just wanted to spend as little time in a classroom as possible. Perhaps anyone else considering this school will agree with the fewer breaks shorter day idea.

When I began the course I was quite pleased with my choice. The staff at the New Westminster campus are very knowledgeable as well as down to earth. The program was laid out well and materials were presented at a very fast pace but with some discipline, it was still manageable. After one year of hard work, I was happy to graduate from the program and anxious to get working! My final practicum was on the floor at Peace Arch Hospital. I had always wanted to work there as I have a fondness for that area and the people there very friendly. I applied to the ER department there and was very fortunate to be hired as a casual there. I currently work there as well as two nursing homes. Between the three casual jobs, I am able to pick and choose when I want to work and this is ideal for me and my family. I really love working in the ER and plan to pursue becoming an RN as well. Nursing is a wonderful career choice with great satisfaction in many ways. I am so glad that I chose to go back to school and I’m grateful for the instruction I received. What a difference a one-year commitment to go to school made in my life.

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