Lorelie G., Pharmacy Assistant


We migrated to Canada from the Philippines in 2012 and I immediately realized that I will need to get some training to get into the workforce. I decided to take the Pharmacy Assistant program and chose Sprott Shaw College East Vancouver Campus because it is near our home. But as time went by I came to love the school; the instructors, the staff and my fellow students. Everyone in the campus seems to encourage and inspire each other to make it through the challenges, just like a big family. After finishing the program my husband got laid off from his job so there was an enormous pressure to find a job right away. I can’t say it was an easy journey landing my first Canadian job. I applied to many pharmacies and got a lot of interviews which led to disappointments. But I told myself to “never give up” and to keep on believing that one day I will get that job. With lots of perseverance and prayers, I finally got my wish and am now employed with one of the most stable companies as a Pharmacy Assistant. My advice to those who are about to finish and to those who are struggling to find a job in their field, never give up. Let every failure you encounter becomes another stone to step on that brings you forward. Set your sight on your goal and do your best to reach it.

Lorelie G.
Pharmacy Assistant Program
East Vancouver Campus

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