Nadine K., Legal Assistant


I came to Sprott Shaw searching for something, but I wasn’t really sure what. I was sitting in Phil’s office, hoping that he would have the magic course. Well, he didn’t, but it turns out that I did. I wanted to be a paralegal, but Phil let me know that there wasn’t much of a call for that here on the Island. So, I decided to pursue the Legal Assistant program.

Everything else happened so quickly my head was spinning. The next thing I knew I was starting school. I hadn’t been to school in a few years so I was a little nervous. I wondered what I had gotten myself into a lot! I met some great people in the class and have made some good friends.

I finish my class at the end of June and have been lucky to have found a job that will allow me to work part-time until I am finished. I started on Monday, and I work with the best bunch of people. They are so helpful and so nice.

I am so glad I got over my hesitation on going back to school because now I think I have found the right direction!

Nadine K.
Legal Assistant
Victoria Campus

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