Hannah Renaud, Early Childhood Education

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Ever since Hannah was 7 years old, she experienced a strenuous childhood that was different from her peers because of a strained relationship with her parents, fuelled by continuous groundings. The situation took a drastic turn for the worse when she was permanently kicked out of the house and family 7 years later. With obvious shock as a 14-year-old, Hannah barely had time to comprehend what was happening when she pushed out of the house.

With nowhere to go, Hannah resorted to her grandmother in the hopes of finding a place to stay. Luckily, her grandmother welcomed her in with open arms and became not only her provider and shelter, but her family as well.

Being erased from her parents’ life made Hannah realize that she didn’t have the privilege of having a family growing up for the first 14 years of her life.

At 20 years old today, she often looks back at her primitive childhood and realizes while her youth may not have been as fortunate as her friends’, it helped her mature and become the person she is today. As life would have it, being kicked out of the house turned out to be for the better because she now has a real home and family – her grandmother.

With the unfortunate circumstances of her childhood, Hannah decided to study and pursue a career in Early Childhood Educationto bring happiness to other kids” that she lacked in her own childhood.

Today, Hannah is optimistic, bright-eyed, and happy fulfilling her dream of working with energetic and lively children every day. As she “loves working with [children], playing with them, and getting to know them,” Hannah walks into work “every single day with the kids screaming [her] name and running up to [her] before [she’s] even fully in the door, which is heartwarming for her.”

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