Heather Morris, Early Childhood Education

Heather Morris was the student of the month at our Kelowna campus and received the opportunity to join B Mack and Karly from Virgin Radio Mornings in the studio for a chat.

Heather Morris, Early Childhood Education student

As an Early Childhood Education (ECE) student, Heather was nominated for her 4.33 GPA, caring concern and kindness for all of her classmates, and her sense of humour. She believes that shaping the minds of young ones can change the world, which will be an asset for the ECE industry she’s pursuing ahead.

At the Virgin Radio studio, B Mack and Karly asked her a few questions about her experience at Sprott Shaw and here’s what she had to say.

With the program that you’re in, what job were you hoping to get once you graduate?

Within the next year, I plan on opening my own earlier center. I want to cater my services to children with exceptionalities so I would like to focus on children with autism, ADD (attention deficient disorder), and ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

What made you choose the Early Childhood Education program?

I didn’t choose this program, this program actually chose me. I actually had an injury and the universe kind of brought me to Tammy, the admissions advisor, and we talked. I wanted to make some changes and an impact in the world. Coming from where I come from, I wanted to make a difference – and that’s how it happened.

How do you think that Sprott Shaw differs from other forms of education?

You know, they put up with me, first of all, haha. I’m not the easiest. It was just really an understanding and accepting environment. They really delve deep into who I was as a person and where I come from, without just trying to sign me on as a student.

My instructor, Carla, is just a phenomenal human being and she really pulled things out of me that I didn’t know existed and I am where I am today because of her belief in me. I believe in myself because she believed in me. They take the time to get to know their students at Sprott Shaw. I would definitely call Carla my friend.

I’m sure there are lots of things you like about your program, but if you could pick one main thing, what would it be?

Just learning about how the little mind works. I had no idea about the growth and development of a child and how starting them that young, impacts them so hugely as they grow, it was really eye-opening for me. I just absolutely love that element of it.

Congratulations to Heather for being nominated and a big thank you to B Mack and Karly for taking the time to have Heather in the studio with them!

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