Marj S., Executive Office Administrator

I attended Sprott-Shaw School of Commerce as it was then called in 1964 in Victoria. I was fresh out of Grade 12 from rural Alberta and just living in Victoria was a life-changing event. The things I learned and the talents I acquired gave me a life-long career as a Secretary and then as terminology changed Administrative Assistant. I am always very grateful to the dedicated teachers and experience that I had.

We had to dress properly to attend (no slacks, no sloppy t-shirts or “non-business” attire). We were taught how to sit properly while we were typing (no legs crossed, ankles positioned properly). We were also taught how to introduce ourselves and co-workers to others (something that came in very useful over the years) and my favourite is hair and make-up no-nos. Spelling mistakes were not tolerated, Pittman shorthand was big at that time and exercises and tests were rigid. When I graduated from Sprott Shaw, I got a job with Pitfield McKay in Trounce Alley. What a wonderful experience.

I worked full-time for 35+ years and am still working now part-time 2 days a week, still using the talents and skills I initially learned at Sprott Shaw.

Marj S.
Executive Office Administrator Program
Victoria Campus

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