I Graduated on Friday and Was Hired on Wednesday

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Career Advisor Phil Nealy for guiding me and helping me believe in myself. The thought of going to College was very intimidating to me, Phil made me feel like the impossible was possible. To all of my instructors for the great job they did preparing me for my future in the Business related field and teaching me the relevant skills needed to find my new career. Without a doubt, had I not taken the Professional Business Management Program at Sprott Shaw this Career would not have happened.

Special thanks to Moyra Sprott Shaw’s amazing Employment Service Specialist for preparing me for my interview and for instilling the confidence needed to succeed. Over 125 applicants were in competition, some recent College and University Graduates.

I personally would recommend this program for anyone with the desire to have a Career in Sales and Marketing.

Thanks Sprott Shaw!

Geordan M.
Professional Business Management
Victoria Campus

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