Tracey E., Health Care Assistant

What were you doing before coming to Sprott Shaw College?

I was a bartender on and off through the years and not enjoying what I was doing and I was raising children. That’s pretty much it and now that they are all grown up, I wanted to educate myself after my husband passed away last year. I’m a widow and I’m very happy I enrolled.

Why did you choose Sprott Shaw College?

Because of all the radio ads. First of all, it was always playing on the radio so I had it in the back of my mind for many years and I wanted to take my program, and then I heard from a couple of friends that Sprott Shaw enrolls on a monthly basis which really worked for me.

How was the admissions process?

Very easy actually. My advisor was really helpful. It was really easy. I was enrolled in a matter of a few hours, I think. Next thing you know, within a week or 10 days, I was starting classes.

What program did you choose and why?

Well, I chose a program called the Health Care Assistant (HCA) Program because I love helping people, but this specific program focused on helping the elderly and that’s something I’ve always had a passion for. So, I’m really happy I took it.

Where was your practicum and how was it?

My practicum was at Laural Place long-term care facility in Surrey, BC. I found it very busy but learned a lot. It was very challenging and stressful but totally worth it.

What was the environment like during your time at Sprott Shaw College?

It was good, I learned a lot of new things and the instructors were really really helpful, but mostly the director of the college in my hardest times and in my struggles, her name is Tina, she is absolutely amazing! She helped me through the entire program when I thought I couldn’t do the program and was having harsh moments of wanting to drop out. I was really really stressed but she was always there by phone or email or I could go into her office, and Tina really helped me a lot – she has no idea how much.

If you could give advice to someone coming to Sprott Shaw what would you say?

I would harshly encourage them to follow their dreams. It was a very difficult program for me. You know the biggest disability in my life was my attitude towards my education and I’m so happy that my husband’s death turned into something positive for me because I was able to follow my dreams and Sprott Shaw. It was an easy admissions process because it was on a monthly basis, as where other colleges, it’s only September or January, so you know I really had a good experience.

The instructors were also really good because they pushed me in a direction that I never thought I could go. Some days were really difficult but in the long run, the program helped me become the woman I want to be so sometimes it was really hard and difficult but if I just pushed through the hard times, there was faith and hope. If I just drove myself through the difficult moments, on the other side of difficulty, was the woman I always wanted to be so I’m really, really happy I took the program. I can’t believe I’m here today and completed it. It’s pretty exciting.

Health Care Assistant Program
Abbotsford Campus

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