I Love My Career!

I graduated from Sprott Shaw September 2012, and I am proud to say “I love my career!” Studying at Sprott Shaw College was an opportunity for me to upgrade my future without putting my life on hold.

The skills that I developed from my time at Sprott Shaw have proven to be invaluable. My new skill set has set me apart from other candidates in the job market. I now have the poise and confidence to reach higher than I have ever had the ability to before.

Sprott Shaw offered me a solid business and technological background that enabled me to transition smoothly from classroom to the real world.
The instructors offered intelligent lessons that were engaging and challenging. The support team was just top notch; welcoming and warm are just two of the many words I could use to describe them.

Without Sprott Shaw I would not be where I am today. I am now a highly valued and respected team member of Stanley Black & Decker, which is a multi-national, fortune 500 company. I am so energized to have the opportunity to succeed with an organization that excels in all its ventures. I plan not only to thrive with Stanley Black & Decker but to excel alongside of them.

Jenny K.
Accounting and Payroll Program
Surrey Campus

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