I Went Through 2 Interviews In the Last 2 Weeks. I Am Now Hired.

Thank you very much for the reference. I went through two interviews during the last two weeks, and I am now hired to Regina Lutheran Home, which is long-term care […]. I [hope] all the nursing grads from Sprott Shaw would find a job successfully. If some of them wouldn’t mind moving to other province, Saskatchewan could be a good choice for more opportunities. I just want to share to you and those students that it does take more than 1 month to process the change of License. Thus, if they think about moving, prepare things in advance, and get registration and things ready when arrive, so that they can get into the work stream faster instead of spending time preparing and contacting. Second, move as soon as possible once decision is made, sitting in Vancouver won’t make things happen, boss just wont care.

Once again, thank you for all your help.

With warm regards,


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