The Teachers Were Great

It was this time last year when I thought about registering for a class. When I went in for my consultation, the Admissions Advisor guided me to the career path that suited me best. I then began the journey of the ups and downs of being a full-time student. The teachers were great, I loved the students and all the fun activities I participated in during different weeks. At the end of my school year, it was time for me to go to my practicum which, I must say, was one of the best month-long job interviews I have ever been on. Not even a week after my practicum ended I was contacted by a company that was interested in me. I hadn’t even handed out a resume and was already hired in the field I had studied in! I love my new job and it all beings with taking that first step.

Thank you Sprott Shaw, for opening my window of opportunity.

Kathryn D.
Kamloops Campus

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