Within 3 Days of Completing School, I Found My Dream Job!

I don’t want to sound corny or fake but Sprott Shaw had been one of the best experiences I of my life and here is why; Other colleges wouldn’t let me in without certain upgrades, upgrades that were not covered by student loans. This was not a problem for Sprott Shaw they worked with me to get a student loan and in the classroom the next week. This was just my experience in the beginning as I took the class everything just kept getting better. The teachers are flexible and understanding and work hard to maintain a high standard of excellence with themselves the course and students. The teachers also understand the value of personal successes and that everyone is an individual. Speaking of individuals because of the continuous intake cycle the class sizes are always manageable if not small so you get a lots of individual attention. Upon completion of my Early Childhood course, I was sad because my wonderful experience was coming to an end then things picked up in the usual Sprott Shaw fashion and I got to meet the person who helped me with my resume and interview prep. It was a wonderful send off from an almost magical experience. Thank you so much Sprott Shaw and everyone who works so hard to run it.
P.S I almost forgot the most important factor out all of my stories, within 3 days of completing school and with the assistance of Sprott Shaw, I found my dream job!


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