5 Reasons to Become a Medical Office Assistant

Medical and dental office clerks and transcriptionists are always in high demand. In addition to the basic administrative and bookkeeping skills they require, Medical office assistants learn the standard medical terminology and more.

Here are the 5 top reasons to become a medical office assistant (MOA):

1. Personal Fulfillment

Becoming a medical office assistant allows you to interact with patients and display your knowledge of the medical field.

2. Quick Training

An MOA’s education path is quite short, allowing you to start your dream job in under a year! The quicker you gain experience, the higher your salary can be!

3. Job Opportunities

MOA’s have many job opportunities and those working in this field can work with the following employers:

  • Small practices
  • Doctor and dentist offices
  • Hospitals
  • Plastic surgeons

4. Flexible Schedules

Many practices are not only open during the day but also in the evening and weekends, giving you a chance to have a job that meets the needs of your personal schedule.

5. Salary

Entry-level MOAs can earn up to $39,740 with less than 1 year of training. They could also receive a yearly bonus and earn vacation time right away (both depending on the employer).

In as little as 33 weeks at Sprott Shaw College, you can start your new career as a Medical Office Assistant! Sprott Shaw offers training in medical office procedures, communication, and customer service and spreadsheet applications to prepare you for your new rewarding career!

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