Giving Back to the Community: Broadway Lodge

At Sprott Shaw College, our school is built on the core educational values of Community, Diversity, Integrity, Quality, Respect, and Results-Oriented. Our value of Community signifies that we desire to be active and collaborative partners in our local communities and neighbourhoods by helping and supporting those in need.

Sprott Shaw In the Community

3 people holding cheque provided by Sprott Shaw College for an oxygen concentrator
Fe from Sprott Shaw (left) with our friends from Broadway Lodge

As an educational institution, we highly value our community – and because of this, it was an absolute pleasure for us to support one of our long-term partners, Broadway Lodge, with new medical equipment.

Broadway Lodge is a care home in False Creek that is licensed under the Community Care Facilities Act and Adult Care Regulations, and works under Vancouver Coastal Health. As a 24-hour care center, they provide personal care and assistance for daily living activities like bathing, dressing, medication management, and more.  

Sprott Shaw and Broadway Lodge

Since 2012, Broadway Lodge has been our partner in education by arranging our students with relevant practicum and training opportunities. More specifically, Broadway Lodge has consistently offered our Level I and II licensed practical nursing students with practicum opportunities through preceptorships and intern placements. By being our practicum host, Broadway Lodge has even hired several of our students during the interim license phase of their careers – preparing them for and launching them into their careers.

To enhance their clinical capacity, Broadway Lodge requested a monetary donation for a new oxygen concentrator, which would greatly benefit the care home residents in need of comprehensive oxygen therapy for their well-being.

For over 7 years, we’ve built a positive relationship with Broadway Lodge, so we were more than happy to sponsor them with the funding for the oxygen concentrator. This action has positively impacted the lives of the residents and we are so thankful that we were able to be a part of this progress. 

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