Accounting: A Career for Number Crunchers and Friendly People

Are you considering a career in accounting? You may be surprised to learn that a considerable amount of an accountant’s time is spent interacting with clients and employees.

Here are some reasons why the accounting industry could be right for you:

  • Experience an overall good work/ life balance
  • Work regular office hours
  • Have a varied workload
  • See above average projected new job openings
  • A large amount of the workforce is retiring
  • Have considerable potential for advancement

Individuals who are self-managed, show initiative, and are willing to continually update their skills are the candidates most viable for a promotion within the industry. Since a large portion of the current workforce is entering retirement, accounting professionals have also experienced more opportunities for advancement within their organizations.

While the work can vary depending on the organization, payroll administrators are primarily focused on employee pay and benefits. They are responsible for maintaining employee records such as attendance or overtime, and use the records to calculate pay and benefit entitlements. They prepare statements of earnings and reconcile data entered for accuracy. In general, payroll administrators provide information to employees on payroll matters, benefits plans, and collective agreement terms.

The best time to enter the industry and start a stable career as a payroll administrator is NOW – although you must first receive training at a recognized post-secondary institution. Sprott Shaw College offers a few opportunities for students interested in accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping. In fact, students can even start their career immediately with our Business Administration – Payroll Program that can be completed in just 33 weeks!

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