Early Childhood Education Adventures: Science is Everywhere

Learning doesn’t always have to happen strictly in the classroom. At the New Westminster campus, our morning Early Childhood Education (ECE) class embarked on a little field trip around the neighbourhood to see what nature has to offer and learn more about science in their own backyard.

Sprott shaw early childhood education (ECE) students going for a field trip in the park

As part of an Early Childhood Science class, the class went out for a nature walk in a New Westminster park by City Hall called Friendship Garden. The purpose of the walk was to help students understand how the outside world (not one always confined to a screen) is full of remarkable things to see, learn, and explore. Just by going for a walk in their community, these students were able to learn about nature, science, what the land has to offer, and all of the creatures and plants who live there!

Some of the highlights from the trip include seeing a beautiful community garden that had healthy fruits and vegetables growing from it. Upon seeing the garden, the class got to discuss why there is a community garden and how fruits and vegetables grow – which all intertwines into science! The class also closely looked at a large stem, which they learned was the result of a grown Brussel sprout! Needless to say, our students were amazed by how science is working all around them in their own neighbourhood. These students learned that science isn’t just about exploding chemical reactions and experiments, it’s all around them!

In addition to learning about science, the class also saw a totem pole in the park and were able to learn more about Indigenous culture and bask in the marvelous details carved throughout the totem pole.

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