Amanda’s Story: Follow Your Passion and Develop a Meaningful Career

Amanda B. was inspired to pursue a career in health care after her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. During his illness, Amanda took care of him and it was her grandfather, who first suggested that she pursue a career in caregiving in July, 2000.

Amanda B.

My grandfather was dying from prostate cancer and I helped take care of him, he asked me to promise him that one day I would go into a career helping others. He said that since I was such a gentle soul and was so helpful I would be a great caregiver.”

Her grandfather sadly passed away later that month, and as a single mother, working multiple jobs, Amanda was unable to pursue further education at the time, but her grandfather’s words always stuck with her.

In 2012, Amanda’s situation changed, and she felt the timing was finally right to follow through on her promise to her grandfather. Amanda filled out Sprott Shaw’s online information form and inquired about the Health Care Assistant Program. Within 10 minutes of filling out the form, Amanda spoke with a Sprott Shaw advisor and set up an appointment to learn more.

During her program, Amanda had helpful instructors that not only taught course curriculum, but also focused on building students’ confidence so that they could handle real-life scenarios in the workplace.

Amanda also found great success in her work placement, working alongside a very encouraging and helpful clinical instructor.

She was also a great instructor and was supportive if I was unsure of anything.”

The confidence that Amanda gained during her practicum led her to apply for positions without hesitation, and during the fifth week of her practicum, she had an interview for a job at a local care facility, which she was offered.

With the skills she gained through Sprott Shaw’s Health Care Assistant, Amanda was able to get right into the workforce and begin a rewarding career.

I chose the HCA as a career because I felt that it was an opportunity to give back to the community and to provide care and support to our seniors.”

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